Amazon and My Mother

My mother was a Luddite. She grew up in the days when you went into a bank and were ushered into a private room where a personal banker fetched your money, took your deposit and knew the names of your children – my sister and I used to accompany her on these missions. I remember there was a doorman. Even when that bank closed its branch and she had to transfer to a bank that was acquired by a bigger bank, she refused to learn her PIN number and chose to wait on line rather than use the ATM.

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The Origin Story

My mother used to tell me, “I haven’t had a happy life, but I’ve had a fascinating one.” She was a trained opera singer, who left the stage for motherhood and banishment to the suburbs to raise two daughters.  Eventually she migrated back to New York City, took courses in pre-Columbian art, and built an extensive collection of more than 100 pieces.  My mother never did anything by halves.

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