The 4 Benefits of Working with a Ghostwriter

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Do you have a story in your head that you would love to get down on paper?

Working with a talented ghostwriter will make life a lot easier, without sacrificing the quality and vision you have for your project.

Here are four common reasons people turn to professional ghostwriters to take their ideas and turn them into compelling books for a general or niche audience.

1. Time Is Limited

There are only so many hours in a day.

If you decide to add an ambitious project like writing a memoir or other book to your schedule, don’t be surprised if, eventually, something gives… like a developing romantic relationship.

It still takes time and energy to gather the information to work with a proper ghostwriter. Part one of the job requires you to outline key life events and provide a chronology that can be used as a spine for the book. But, Write Wisdom stays with you every step of the way. We want to make sure that we’re clear on how we’re shaping your material and check in frequently to confirm that everything is progressing in the direction you’d like.

However, this is a far cry from the amount of time it would take to actually write the manuscript on your own.

Furthermore, what happens if you actually finish the book only to realize you missed the mark? You’ll be spending even more time stubbornly trying to refashion your first effort into a smoother narrative.

2. Your Talents Lie Elsewhere

When it comes to the type of writing required for everyday tasks, you’re probably more than proficient. But, that doesn’t necessarily translate into crafting a well-written book. Writing a book has its own best practices. Like so many talents, it’s something that takes lots of experience and dedication to acquire the skill set.

No matter how exciting or novel your topic, if it isn’t executed with an eye to taut pacing, a coherent theme, and insight into the major personalities involved, it’s not going to be widely read and enjoyed.

Whatever it is you do for a living, that’s where you should be focusing the majority of your time. Write Wisdom lets you do this, while we work on your book.

There are all kinds of important tasks you probably could carry out on your own, but you don’t. This is where ghostwriting comes in. You hire other people, because your time is valuable.

3. Projects Always Get Done

One really underrated benefit of hiring a ghostwriter is that your book actually gets done. This is not a project that may get shelved or abandoned altogether.

We don’t have to be “in the mood” to write; it is our job. We won’t run into writer’s block, either.

While some of you may have the time and be willing to travel the steep learning curve that goes into shaping and crafting a memoir, only hobbyists with a true love of writing and literature should dare to embark on such an ambitious project.

4. Two Writers Are Better Than One

None of this is to say that you should be completely locked out of the creative process. Ghostwriting is very much a collaboration between you, the author, and us, the writer.

You hire an expert writer and they work with you on bringing your ideas to the page.

Ghostwriters can make excellent brainstorming partners. It’s very much a dialogue as both parties explore the various aspects and events of your story and determine what should be emphasized.

When you’re at a loss as to what to include, we will recommend ideas and give you advice as to the kind of background material that’s needed to round out your personal account.

It’s like working with an editor before a single word is ever written. By the time your work is finished, you’ll be relieved at how much time, stress, and money a ghostwriter saved you in the long run.

If you have a story you want to tell, don’t brush aside the notion of someone else doing the actual “telling,” because it’s still your story.

Working with a ghostwriter will save you time, and improve the quality of your finished manuscript so that you’ll be truly proud to put your name on.