About Write Wisdom

Write Wisdom was established by Loren Stephens to provide support and guidance for anyone interested in writing a book.

Your life is unique.

Benefit from the guidance of a professional coach, editor or writer to express what is inside your had and heart.

We Specialize in memoirs, business profiles, how-tos, inspirational books, and historical novels.

You may want to write a memoir of your entire life; a slice of your life story (your teenage years); a memoir about a particularly challenging time in your life (loss of a loved one, battling an illness; a bitter divorce); a dangerous or unusual adventure (living in the jungles of Brazil; kayaking across lake Michigan); or embarking upon a unique career (the only woman in the boardroom).

Let us help you craft your idea into a readable, compelling, entertaining, and moving manuscript. Through our organized process, we take you from a desire to tell your story completed manuscript and published book.

Whatever your concept, we will guide you to focus your story, overcome your creative blocks, and ensure you cross the writing finish line.

It is our belief that every life is unique; that every person has a right to express what is inside their head and inside their heart, but not everyone has the self-confidence or discipline to accomplish this task without the help of a professional coach, editor or writer.