The Road Taken: Men, Motorcycles, and Me

"The Road Taken" is a coming-of-age memoir in which a woman discovers her independence on the wheels of a motorcycle traveling the world and competing in the Peking to Paris Car Rally. She also draws upon her training as an artist to create an Australian homestead for herself in Sonoma, California.

"Linda Dodwell is just one of several women I know who used motorbikes to escape from thankless domesticity. This breathtaking excursion through an eventful life is a vivid description of what to expect when the lust for self-determination takes over. Inadequate men eventually fall by the wayside. If there’s a moral to this tale, it’s for men. Best to marry a biker chick – then you’ll know what you’re in for." - Ted Simon, Jupiter’s TravelsDreaming of Jupiter and The Gypsy in Me, travel writer and filmmaker

"Linda’s architecture reflects her experience of Australia. It incorporates her love of the wide sparse desert and freedom found in traveling across this unique environment. Linda, the Artist and Patron, has brilliantly melded the iconography of Australia with her unique and personal collaboration of Architects, Designers, Artists and Craftsmen. This book is inspiration and essential reading for the ‘Me-Too’ generation." - Michael Rigg, M.Contemp Art, Architect B.Arch. [hons]

"The Road Taken is a pleasure to read and entices the reader to rush forward to the next chapter. Linda’s self-confidence, sense of adventure and can-do attitude are dominant in her evolution as someone who does not take “no!” for an answer." - Burt Richmond, Founder and Tourmeister, Lotus Tours

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