Your Book is Your Calling Card and Business Generator

Many of our authors – as CEOs of their own companies – want a book that combines personal anecdotes that are normally found in a traditional memoir with a business book that shares lessons learned as an entrepreneur. Their books are great giveaways at trade shows, at boutique business meetings, and at conferences where they are asked to be on a panel or serve as a keynote speaker.

business conference One of our authors decided to write his book as a result of being a panelist for the Wall Street Journal on the topic "How I Built It." The response to his presentation was so enthusiastic and so many of the audience wanted to know how he stayed in business for over forty years, that he felt compelled to write a book. Not only will his book be featured at an upcoming trade show, but it will be available on Amazon for purchase by the general public, interested in learning the secrets of a successful entrepreneur. Another author used his memoir to convince a radio network to create a call-in show with him as the weekly host. His profile in his profession has been significantly enhanced.

Writing a memoir that includes the personal history of the founder and CEO of a company is an effective way to create an esprit de corps among employees, franchisees, and vendors. The roll out of the book can be tied to a particular anniversary of the company, or a celebratory event introducing a new product. One of our authors has presented their book to all potential franchisees of the company so that they gain an appreciation of the "family" they are considering joining. And finally, sending someone a book after you have had an initial call or met with them is a great way of saying "Thank you for your time."