Drive-Thru Life: The Story of John Galardi, Founder of Wienerschnitzel

Authored and published by the Galardi family, Drive-Thru Life: The Story of John Galardi, Founder of Wienerschnitzel asks: How has the largest hot dog chain in the world survived for over five decades?

The answer is found in the pages of Drive-Thru Life, a biography of the mega-entrepreneur, John Galardi.  The book is rich in stories, photos, illustrations, and quotes from friends and family, business associates and long-time company franchisees. 

The grandson of Italian immigrants, John Galardi’s family settled in Grandview, Missouri, a farming community, and on a whim with hope in their hearts, moved to the sunny shores of California in search of a better life.  It’s the story of the American dream.  The history of an entrepreneur and an optimist who never gave up.  John Galardi had a great idea, gave it an unusual name, and had the hunger to make it happen.

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