Ken Davis

Ken Davis is a three-time Emmy award-winning producer/writer who has worked on numerous TV news broadcasts and reality shows for all the major networks as well as several cable channels.  After joining the ranks of the “biz” at 18 and becoming the youngest TV anchorman at a network-affiliated station in the country, Ken went on to spend more than four decades in the broadcast industry.  He is the recipient of three Golden Mike and two Genesis Awards.

Ken has written more than 10,000 stories and scripts for various genres of television ranging from news to reality to entertainment.  Along the way, he’s put words into the mouths of everyone from Walter Cronkite to Charlie Rose to Cedric the Entertainer.  He has also written speeches, show proposals and songs.

His snappy writing style and understanding of pacing and rhythm are evident in his recently published memoir, In Bed With Broadcasting.  Among the many blurbs for his memoir is one written by Josh Mankiewicz, network news correspondent: “A thrill ride through journalism and our cultural history,” and another from Roy Firestone of ESPN: “Ken has more stories than ANYONE I know.”