Write Wisdom established Provenance Press, Inc to provide its clients with the option of having their manuscript turned into a professionally designed and bound book. “Provenance” is a term used in the art world to describe the history of a painting – where it came from, who has owned the painting, and so forth. It is an apt name for our company that specializes in publishing artfully designed memoirs.

We will select an expert and reliable printing company, supervise the printing including the selection of type face, paper, and design, proof all pages, position photographs, select the binding, and hire an artist to design a dust jacket. An estimate of all costs is presented for approval before any work begins. Our job is to bring your book in on budget and on time. All bills are presented to our clients for reimbursement. There is no surcharge for these expenses other than a flat supervisory fee. Clients typically elect to print between 250-500 books, depending upon their distribution plans.

If our client wishes to use the services of an on-demand, publishing company, we will present various alternatives, and serve as a liaison between our client and the company selected for a flat fee.

“Never Give Up,” published by Provenance Press.

Author Effy Pfeffermann with his book, “Never Give Up,” published by Provenance Press.



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