Write Wisdom - Ghost Writer, Biography Writer, Professional Memoir Writing

Write Wisdom ghostwriters can help you fashion a readable and compelling memoir through an organized process that will take you from the desire to tell your story to a completed manuscript and published book. Whether you want to explore your entire life, share a particular adventure, unique accomplishment, or recovery from a personal tragedy, Write Wisdom gives you the tools to overcome creative blocks and ensures that you cross the writing finish line.

Write Wisdom Ghostwriting Services Can Help You:

  • Tell your life story (memoir) or autobiography through guided and recorded interviews.
  • Act as your ghost writer for your book from idea to published page.
  • Edit and polish an existing manuscript.
  • Publish your book or biography.


Write Wisdom was established by Loren Stephens, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, writer and former editor at Houghton Mifflin Publishing Company, to provide support and guidance for anyone interested in writing their life story or memoir. In the belief that every life is unique and that every person has a story to tell, Write Wisdom serves as your writing partner, editor, coach and publisher.

Our subsidiary, Provenance Press, is available to turn your manuscript into a professionally designed and bound book that will become your permanent legacy.

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